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Online forums give a sense of community to a company. It allows employees to ask general questions or make announcements and seek guidance from management and other employees.

You can create different areas on the forum, some examples may be "General Questions" / "Health and Safety" / "Lost and Found" , etc.

All posts have the users Full Name displayed as the poster. The Forums software allows you to assign Moderator status to an employee, allowing them to delete any posting. As well, Administrators have full control over all posts.
On-Board Data Systems
Since 1991, On-Board Data Systems (OBDS) has been there to help pilots, fleet operators, dispatchers and aircraft manufacturers improve their safety standards, and take the necessary steps towards paperless operations.

Using the OBDS option on the Employee Website you can seamlessly sync documents with the OBDS servers allowing documents to sync with your OBDS iPad application. For full details please visit the OBDS Website


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